Community feeds are now available

By far one of the most frequently requested features that our members, and our readers, have asked for were feeds per Community. I’m happy to announce that I’m finally ready to release our Community feeds for your consumption. A little explanation is needed first though.

What are feeds?

For those of you reading this, that have no idea what a “feed” is, we’ve jotted down a fairly simple explanation of what feeds are. We’ve also pointed to a few of the more popular applications, and Web services, that are used to consume the feeds. In addition to these services we’ve linked to a couple of great articles that will help to explain in even greater detail how you can utilize feeds to keep up with the 9rules Network and its members.

How do you get them?

There are a few ways to find the Community feeds. If you are using a modern browser ( meaning that it has feed-detection built-in ) you can visit any of our Communities and your browser will alert you of the existence of a feed. If you’d like to view a complete list of our Community feeds, we’ve built one for you. It keeps itself up-to-date, so you can use that page as your point of reference to make sure you have the latest and greatest Community feeds.

A note about the feed contents

Each of our Community feeds are “digest only”. Slightly better than “headlines only”, but we’re only including a very small amount of our member’s posts within these digest only feeds. If you prefer full-content feeds, we suggest subscribing to our Member’s feeds directly.

Also of note, all content found within the 9rules Community feeds are copyright of their respective authors. Any unauthorized use of the content within these feeds will be responded to by our members, and the 9rules Network. Content syndication does not include the right to pirate the content, and we’re seeing this becoming more and more prevalent on the Internet – and we’re willing to stand behind our members content and act in their behalf if need be.

I’d like to thank our members, and all of our Community readers, for your patience while we made sure we got this setup correctly. We hope you enjoy keeping up-to-date with your favorite Communities.