2006 Bloggies

I am sure you have read about the 2006 Bloggies being opened for nominations. While there are definitely a number of 9rules Members that deserve nominations in all of the categories there is one category that I feel our site simply dominates, but I don’t know if they would consider the main 9rules page a weblog.

If they do then there is no reason we shouldn’t win this category. I mean honestly, 9rules hands down dominates this category that if we get entered it’s not even going to be a competition. What category am I talking about?

Best tagline of a weblog.

My favorites from our homepage are:

  • It’s a hell of a drug.
  • Doing Web 2.0 Since Before It Was Lame.
  • Frank if your reading this…I slept with Becky. Sorry dude. See you at karaoke tonight.

No I don’t think we have the greatest taglines ever and don’t really think we should win a bloggie like I said above. I just needed an excuse to post the Frank/Becky tagline.