2005 artypapers AWARDS

I know some people look down upon awards because they aren’t really objective and how can you measure a single website as being the best of something? However, that shouldn’t take away from the fact that receiving an award on the web usually means that someone thinks you are doing something right and that seems to be the case with R. Marie Cox’s 2005 artypapers AWARDS.

Now first if you aren’t aware of R. Marie Cox, she is the genius behind sidejobtrack, a wonderful application that does what Basecamp does and a bit more. Now back to the awards…

  • Best New (to me) Site: Creating Passionate Users. Easily one of the best member sites we have, Kathy brings it with every single entry and she definitely deserves any recognition that her site receives.
  • Best Designer: If you know 9rules and Business Logs then you already know Mike Rundle. Every since I partnered with him I have been saying that he is one of the web’s best kept secrets so I am glad that he has finally started carving a name for himself amongst the web’s elite.
  • Best Weblog(s): 456 Berea Street and Particletree received this award and both of them are 9rules Members. It’s not that 9rules makes them great, but it’s because of them that 9rules is becoming something we are all proud of.
  • Site of they Year: 9rules wins site of the year and if you think about it we did so with only one page. This award doesn’t really go to us, but to the members because really all we help to do is bring them together.

Yes this is a back-patting entry, but we are hard on ourselves internally so we like to see that at least someone respects what we are doing externally. Not ones to rest on our laurels we have something new coming out tomorrow. What does it mean? It means a better and easier way for readers to find the content they long for. It means more traffic for our members. It means a stronger community.

Here’s to 2006. Same great Network with a bit more substance.