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The Past Tense

In High School I was really good at history because everything you needed to know already happened. Begin good at it though didn’t mean that I enjoyed it. History books are so dry and I would’ve been better off sitting in a library for 3 years reading an Encyclopedia. This is the reason I like Arjan’s the Past Tense. He tells history from his perspective and anyway that he likes. Now he just needs to start writing a textbook.

The Past Tense is a blog on history, trying to make you remember all the stuff you learned at school. History is more than dates, names and abstract movements; it is not as dull and dusty as most people remember it. The Past Tense is my attempt at broadening the audience for history and make more people realize where we’ve been. My aim is not to develop new theories-rather I try to tell stories that make ordinary people think “hey, I never knew that!” Rather than infinite wisdom or professional research experience, The Past Tense is driven solely by an amateur’s enthusiasm.

Welcome Arjan.