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Every day of the week I have to log into the WordPress admin page to make some changes to one of my sites. If you use WP you know how horrible the default admin screen is and hopefully you have taken the time to try out the WP Tiger Administration plug-in by Steve Smith. Thanks to Steve I am able to deal with the WP admin and not think that I am dealing with a second-rate application because we know that WP is anything but that.

Ordered List is about organized professional web development. Topics range from web standards to business development, with the sporadic pet peeve. While most posts come from a web developer viewpoint, I try to keep a practical, business-like attitude towards all parts of the web. Now and again some definitive statements will be made, but on the whole it’s a more casual, discussion based site. I also release the occasional plugin for tools that I find useful, such as WordPress and Mint.

Welcome Steve.