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One of the purposes of blogging is to bring about change. Some blogs wish to portray the correct way to report news while others wish to bring change to their lives. The people at MUDSUGAR wish to bring change to our Nation’s capital and they don’t mean it in a political sense. Definitely one of the most unique sites in the Network I am still trying to wrap my hands around, but I don’t mind because I enjoy reading it…even though I don’t like their choice in music.

Back in the early 80’s, the explosion of punk music and culture put Washington, DC on the map for something other than politics. So what ever happened to that great DC music scene that birthed great bands such as Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Fugazi? Well, it’s actually alive and well, it’s just hidden under a veil of politics and corporations. Our Nation’s Capital was built upon the swamps and mud of this region and has now become a concrete empire. A group of us frustrated bloggers decided that now is the time for a new beginning, and in order to see the great arts and culture of DC you have to look through the politics, the corporations, and through the concrete… and this is where you will find Mudsugar, the underground music and arts source for Washington, DC.

Welcome Mudsugar.