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Matthew Good

Politics. Design. Music. Rarely do these three topics intertwine on a single blog and rarer still is when one site does each topic well, but that’s what Matthew Good seems to do. Known in many circles for his music, you can see one of his deepest passions is politics and the way he conveys is ideas is like no other.

Matthew Good has been writing on the web since 1997, when he first starting posting short fiction on The Matthew Good Band website. His monthly postings ended in 2000, after which they were published as 2001’s “At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say”. In 2001 Matt turned to blogging, and, in early 2005, finally got with the program and moved from Blogger to WordPress. He has since become enamored with blog design and the integration of various web 2.0 applications, most notably Ajax.

Welcome Matthew.