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Matthew Cahill

Hell, you might as well call the Network the 9 College Students Networks since everyone that gets added to the Network is another one where multiple topics are discussed and passion oozes out of it. Matthew Cahill had to be good to get into the Network because it fills a niche that is already overpopulated, but he stands out on his own through his insightful thoughts and discussions. was originally started as a creative outlet for my college experiences, but over time has evolved into a platform for me to discuss topics of interest, namely design and technology. I like to use my perspective as a student to discuss said topics and hopefully document my changing opinions over the course of my college years. I find the subject of web design and development particularly intriguing because it converges two intrinsically different methodologies, mainly art and science/mathematics, onto a single platform where they battle together in hopes of creating a harmony of logic and visual design. For the longest time I’ve felt my position should be between the two front lines, an intermediary between programmer and designer, in order to help massage that Internet utopia into a reality. Over time I plan to use my site as a launch pad for new opinions and skills I learn as I become more deeply involved in web design and development, and the 9Rules network is full of great members to interact and learn with.

Welcome Matthew.