The great ape cometh

Well members, readers and general passers-by, it appears another 9rules Holiday is upon us.

Tomorrow, December 14th, King Kong is released to the general viewing public. I have the privilege of being able to see it at midnight, in spite of what I had heard up until yesterday. Which means that I’ll be getting back home at around 6am from watching Kong with a bunch of friends and hitting a restaurant afterward.

Which leads me to say this; if you work for 9rules, are a member of the 9rules Network, or simply read any of our member’s excellent Web sites from time to time, you my friend have the day off tomorrow. Why? Simply because we think it’d be cool to grab a bucket of popcorn, a few of your best friends, and hit the theatre for some entertainment courtesy of Peter Jackson and 200+ million dollars.

Watch the trailer, play the game, and get ready for the 8th Wonder Of the World, King Kong.