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Functioning Form

Back in the days when I used to pretend to be a designer I would sit for hours in the bookstores believing that all the information I could soak up about design would allow me to become the greatest. One of the books I continuously returned to was Site-Seeing by Luke Wroblewski so it’s more than a honor to welcome him to our Network.

Functioning form is a blog about interface design. That is to say it is where art and technology emerge as experience, where message and medium meld, and where interactions are useful, usable, and enjoyable. In the context of interaction design, the user experience design process, and Web applications, Functioning Form explores themes like Visual Communication; Information Density vs. Visual Simplicity; User Friendly vs. User Empowerment; the next generation of graphical user interfaces; and successful unions of engineering and art, of emotion and logic, and of function and form.

Welcome Luke.