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John Boyle Underwater Film maker Interview

One of great things about being part of this Network, is our ever expanding diversity. Travel Dive has recently published an interview with John Boyle and Underwater Film maker.

The interview is really great, and goes into some detail about making films underwater and how John Boyle got started doing so. However, this interview isn’t just for those experienced in underwater film making.

Helen: If you could give one simple piece of advice to anyone starting out in UW filming what would it be?

John: Apart from buy my book:0)?! Do it – diving will never be the same once you have tried filming – it adds so much to your experience. For so many people a dive is simply a walk in the park – follow a guide around a pre-set route glancing at things as they pass. With any camera – still or video – you learn to stop, look and observe – and hopefully to create an image of what you are seeing that you can share.

Its absolutely wonder to read about people’s experiences doing such a wide range of things. Great interview.