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Crowd Control

If there was ever a question to ask this year it would definitely be is Scrivs building online Rockafella Dynasty?. This question was asked by our newest member Jason Lynes and admittedly I am only trying to do so because I like me some Beyonce. If there is a Beyonce blogger you know how to find me.

Crowd Control is about what makes people happy. I have a love for the wildly popular, successful, effective, and well-executed aspects of life that just plain make people happy, and I tend to focus on nothing in particular. At the core, the site is about how to draw the crowds in, and how to acheive even more success through giving people more control. It’s culture, it’s design, it’s marketing, it’s new media, it’s new business, and a unique and quality outlook on the state of
happiness in our world.

Welcome Jason.