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Crap Filter

It can be difficult creating a quality site that writes about almost everything and stays good enough to not be considered nothing. Somehow Crap Filter is able to pull this off with a great mix of humor and insight. It’s simply one of those sites you go to because you figure something new might be there and there usually is. However, you end up staying for much longer than you intended to, which might not be a good think for all you work people.

Crap Filter covers all manners of pop culture and entertainment, ranging from movies and music to sports and books, and everything in between. A staff of talented writers with backgrounds in journalism, communications and entertainment aims to provide readers with insightful reviews, thoughtful commentary, and a daily dose of the best and worst the Web has to offer. Lively discussion between readers and authors gives visitors a reason to keep coming back for more. Crap Filter separates the good stuff from the crap and then
gives it all to you anyway.

Welcome Chris.