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Bootstrap Analysis

Chronicles and musings of an urban field ecologist. Okay, I admit to never even thinking a site on birds (yes I know it goes deeper than that) would join the Network, but after reading the site for a couple of days it really is interesting. Why let such a site as this one into the Network though? Well in a future entry you will understand the whole vision of 9rules, but we always said the best of the best would get into the Network and this is one of the best bird sites around. Simple as that.

Like most biologists, I have a specific group of organisms that I study. As an ecologist, I am able to view them in a much larger context, and as a field ecologist, I also encounter many other subtle or fantastic creatures as I go about my research. Bootstrap Analysis is my venue for communicating the discoveries of my own research and how it fits into the world around us – especially relevant and revealing to most people because I work on urban ecology. I also share natural history vignettes of all kinds of plants, animals, and phenomena that I never get to write about professionally. The understanding of science has never been more critical and seemingly lacking as it is today, so I toss in commentary, criticism, and interpretations of current events and research. Finally, there is a personal side to Bootstrap Analysis, because I want folks to understand that there are real people behind science, including women like me who value and exercise emotion as well as logic, wit as well as gravity, and along with a scientist’s skepticism, a frequent and enthusiastic sense of wonder.

Welcome J.A.