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Black Rim Glasses

There are a ton of music blogs out there, but rarely do you see one written by a guy who has the inside track on the music industry. Ethan Kaplan works for a “major record label” and his insight into the music industry is probably more thorough then you will see on any of the entries I write on design (I guess that isn’t too hard). is meant as a blog that serves as a representation of my perspective on the world at large. My worldview is colored mostly by what I do and what I have done. Currently I’m the Director of Technology at a large record label, where (as I describe it) I find new shit and get that new shit implemented. Previously I was a Master of Fine Arts student in Santa Barbara, and before that a long time/suffering newspaper brat working at the Orange County Register from prenatal (nearly) until I was 22. I was their first webmaster, which makes me old. I live and breath technology, culture, media and entertainment, and I try to make the blog reflect that. I also am a voracious consumer of news and the running blog reflects that. Sidenote: I own/run, so I’m kind of an R.E.M. fan on the side as well. I try to keep my blogging intelligent, funny, strongly founded in theoretical principles while always contemporary in practice. I’ve been following 9rules for a long while and I’m excited to be a part of a new phase media conglomerate. That doesn’t rely on paper. And is amazingly designed.

Welcome Ethan.