The Network

The Real Longtail of Publishing

If you ever keep up with the writings of Weblogs, Inc. CEO, Jason Calacanis, you will often hear him mention that he is proud that his blog network represents the longtail of publishing. I always found that quite interesting because to me it really doesn’t represent it at all. Just because you have a site that writes about nanopublishing (or doesn’t in the case of that site) it doesn’t mean you are representing the longtail.

We here at 9rules have the ability to represent the longtail though in my opinion because our model allows us to take multiple sites under the same niche. This week we already have 16 sites lined up for announcements (and I think we have only gone over 100 or so from the Round 3 submissions) and you will see that some of them fill niches that I don’t think any other content Network would be willing to fill because economically it makes no sense. However, we here at 9rules believe that quality content stands out no matter what the niche of the site and therefore everybody deserves their chance.

Sure there are probably going to be more people interested in our Web Design blogs then maybe our Role-Playing ones, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fill both niches up for the fans of each one. We hope that you enjoy the sites that we have in store for you and maybe introduce you to ones that you have never seen before and niches that you never even knew existed.

Welcome to the longtail of online publishing.