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The Internet Zillionaire

I am going to let the good ol’ boys of Internet Zillionaire steal this entry and describe their site to you.

So who are the Internet Zillionaires? We’re the guys ordering filet mignon, while simultaneously handing our waiter an expired coupon. And we’re the guys at a Vegas casino following the motto: “Bet the minimum, drink the maximum.” And finally, we’re the guys staying at a luxury hotel (booked on Priceline), that won’t check-out without pocketing the room’s supply of shower caps and sewing kits. That’s how we roll…

The writing styles range on this site range from observational to anecdotal humor, and we occasionally feature guest columnists and original sound and video clips. Most of our posts will be humorous, but some entries will be entirely devoid of humor, although not intentionally. And that’s where you (yes, YOU!) come in… We welcome funny and original commentary from the legions of Zillionaires out there with time on their hands. Our comment section not only adds new tangents and viewpoints to each subject matter, but it ensures that each topic will be thoroughly beaten to death…

Really this site has the potential of topping girlspoke as my new favorite site in the Network.

Welcome guys.