Member Sites


A couple of months ago, 9rules member, Keith Robinson asked if anyone wanted to purchase Successful Blog from him because he simply didn’t have the time to maintain it. I figured it would be a cool site to take under my wings so I bought it and proceeded to let it sit stale for a couple of months. With the introduction of the Fine Fools Network I saw a great opportunity to get the site up and running again, but probably didn’t stand much of a chance of making it much better than Keith had made it.

Then I had the fortune of having two wonderful woman ask if they could write for the site. Liz Strauss and Hanni Ross came out of leftfield and have now made the site something greater than I could ever have done on my own and they don’t seem like they intend on stopping. The site is filled with great content teaching you how to create a successful blog from generating traffic to keeping readers coming back.

I am proud that another Fine Fools site has made it into the Network and would like to congratulate Liz and Hanni for making it happen.