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Round 3 Synopsis

Before every round, the 9rules team gets together and makes bets on how many submissions we will get. First time around I think I guessed around 27 and we ended up with over 100. Second time my guess was more around 87 (don’t ask me about the 7s trend) and we broke 150 if I recall. For the Spanish round it was a little more difficult because I never dealt with another community/culture before, but let’s just say I wasn’t even close to guessing that they would break 220 submissions.

Sunday night it was time to guess the results for Round 3. I am an optimist, but I am also a realist (is that possible) so I figured we would break 100, but it wouldn’t come close to the Spanish Round simply because maybe we have hit our saturation point or maybe our audience reach has gotten to as far as it can go. Also I hate to be disappointed so I came up with a reasonable number of 187. I was wrong.

Like not even close to being in the same ballpark. Round 3 submissions totalled 509 sites.

509 sites!

So if you shoot me an email this week and I don’t respond you will know what I am up to. Acceptance emails will start going out today or tomorrow as we would like to finish this within 2 weeks. I know a lot of you would like to receive an email acknowledging why you did not get into the network, but sending over 400 emails while still doing what we do daily with our resources is currently not possible so I must apologize for that.

A big thanks to everyone who submitted and helped spread the word. We are a Network not only based around content, but also around our community and without them we would still be like everyone else.