The Network

Round 3 Is Open

The time has come for English site owners to submit their sites for a chance to enter the 9rules Network. Even after 6 months of existence we still are seeing a lot of questions with regards to what the purpose of the Network is. This year has seen an explosion in blog networks and with AOL purchasing WIN everyone seems to be turning their eyes towards us and wondering what the catch is? What evil things do we force our members to do?

The answer is simple and we never try to hide our intentions. We simply want to highlight the best content around the web and help out those people who have a passion for a topic and a love for their sites. Our Member’s Agreement has always been up for everybody to see and their is no fine print behind it. It is what it is.

But what do you get out of joining the Network? You will get a little bit more traffic. This might lead to a little bit more money if you have ads on your site. What you really get though is the ability to interact with a lot of the top minds on the web in the forums. People have gotten jobs, done freelance work, collaborated on projects, made new lunchmates and etc.

And for what? Agreeing to the Member’s Agreement and placing a button on your site.

Here is something I wrote last week covering what we are looking for in a site, so best of luck to everyone who submits their sites. If you are accepted into the Network you will know by November 30.

Submission page.