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Paul Stamatiou

I was pretty ambitious when I was 19, but I quickly realized that being ambitious doesn’t mean anything unless you actually execute on your ambitions and that is exactly what Paul Stamatiou does. Joining the Network at the old age of 19 I feel as though I have been tracking this kid for the past decade. It’s great to see young people (I love how I talk like I am old) show the passion to write what they care about and also the knowledge to show that they do know what they are talking about. ushers in a strong commitment to technology through in-depth reviews and guides with a unique take on every piece of emerging tech news. Paul’s pride comes in his how-to guides; crafted with detailed steps, any beginner can follow along. This blog is all about being up-to-date as seen with frequent posts as soon as there is tech news to be spoken of. Readers are Paul’s first priority. Guide and review suggestions are openly accepted and encouraged.

Welcome Paul.