Louis Cars

When people speak of the longtail and blog networks I have to wonder if they had model cars in mind? If not they are missing out on one of the best sites concerning the topic around the web. Alvin Soon’s first entry into the Network focuses on diecast car collections, yet somehow even makes me […]

Happy Thanksgiving

9rules, Inc. would like to wish all our readers and members a happy Thanksgiving. We all have much to give thanks for and we pray that everyone takes a much needed break to spend some quality time with family and friends. More announcements coming tomorrow…and no we aren’t done sending out invitations.


It looks like Round 3 can be classified as the “round of the college kids” because again we have another spectacular site done by a student. Koray Ataman is a student that talks about technology, Web 2.0, business and other geeky things, but he doesn’t talk about them as if he knows everything. He does […]

Beancounter Blog

Finance and accounting and all of that other money stuff doesn’t really interest me. Just as long as the money is in my bank that’s all that seems to matter, but after going through Beancounter Blog I definitely have a greater appreciation forthis topic. Jason Guthrie does a spectacular job of talking in layman’s terms […]