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Last month, our Business Logs alter egos had the pleasure of working with Om Malik on a redesign and WordPress tweak of his site Om Malik — The Next Generation Internet.

Here’s what Om thought about the makeover, and also what Mike thought.

We kept up the relationship and that has led to today’s announcement. As you might guess we are welcoming Om into the 9rules Network.

Om Malik's Blog

Om is a big fish in our little pond and we are both excited and scared to have him in the Network. Scared because these are the types of sites that nobody thought would join the Network because there was no “clear advantage” for them. However, Om sees things differently. He understands what we are trying to do and would like to be a part of it and needless to say we are honoured to have Om in our company.

Welcome Om.

ps – As of this announcement we have over 194 submissions for Round 3 with 12 hours to go. Records will be broken today.