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Not Too Geeky

It all started with a simple entry on how unbelievably much I kick ass with regards to promotion (heh) and it exploded from there. Interacting with Tyme White and her community gave me the same feeling that I get when reading Whitespace. You can feel the energy in the conversation, which makes you want to return constantly to see what’s up next. Well okay, maybe you don’t feel that way with Whitespace, but it’s nice to imagine it like that.

The intent of this site is to inform and educate readers and listeners about topics related to online interactions and technology. Geekies things, explained in plain English. Not Too Geeky explores a wide range of topics spanning how to blog without getting into trouble to tweaking a game to get the most out of it. Read. Listen. Learn. Be Informed. Not intimidated.

Welcome Tyme.