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Leftlane News

It’s not often you come across a site that has the dedication and passion that Leftlane News exhibits on a daily basis. Both the quality and quantity of their writing puts them in the same playing field as Autoblog, which says a lot considering the size Autoblog has reached over the past year. If you are going to start filling the automobile niche of the Network you might as well do it with one of the best sites in the category.

Leftlane News is an automotive weblog that provides car enthusiasts with latest industry news, reviews, future vehicle forecasts, and spy shots. Leftlane News delivers the information that matters to auto enthusiasts, while filtering out all the nonsense. Updated 10-20 times per day, Leftlane offers relentless coverage, keeping car fans and shoppers informed of the latest happenings in the industry. If you obsess over the latest luxury and sports cars, read automotive magazines, or just like cars, Leftlane News is the weblog to read.

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