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It looks like Round 3 can be classified as the “round of the college kids” because again we have another spectacular site done by a student. Koray Ataman is a student that talks about technology, Web 2.0, business and other geeky things, but he doesn’t talk about them as if he knows everything. He does so more in an inquisitive nature which helps both him and his audience share in the learning experience.

Koray Online is basically a blog that I use to discuss issues that I find pressing, and some times not so pressing. Be it design, tech, news, gossip, business, or what I had for lunch today. Mostly the former few, but what I strive for is a sense of ordered spontaneity. It’s a place where I can vent, discuss, criticize and be criticized. It’s constantly growing and reshaping itself, and for that I am most proud. I could probably go on for hours about why Koray Online is ‘awesome’ but I really shouldn’t. I guess I should also add that I am ridiculously excited to be a part of the 9rules ‘fold’ and I look forward to interacting with the members and readers.

We are excited to have you join us as well Koray. Welcome.