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Informationally Overloaded

Gordon has the distinct pleasure of being the first person to ever reject our Round 1 acceptance and then come back to apply again to the Network. Understandably things were a bit different in Round 1. Many people were still unaware of what 9rules was about and we were asking people for their first-born, but my how things have changed. Gordon’s site has changed considerably as well from that time and all for the better. His thoughts and opinions are spot-on and his site overwhelms you with a peaceful feeling.

The title of the site is a clue the owners state of mind; Informationally Overloaded reflects the myriad of differing influences on my life, my thoughts and my approach to interaction on the web. Covering personal prose and pop culture, web to wonder, it’s where I explore. It’s taken me since 1999 to get my site to where it is today.

Welcome Gordon.