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I Remember

One of the best reasons to maintain a blog of your own is to use it as a sort of journal/diary to record your memories. I Remember, by Andy Detskas, is just that kind of site, but a little bit different. Each entry is no more than a couple of sentences, but those sentences seem to say so much that they trigger some of my own memories. Quality content has never been about the quantity of words on the page, but the actual words you get to read and each word on I Remember is worth the time to soak in.

Andy Detskas’ “I remember” is a blog inspired by (but not associated with) the book “Joe Brainard: I Remember” by Ron Padgett and Joe Brainard. The purpose of this blog is to capture and remember a moment in a torrent of moments that compose the stories and events of Detskas’ life. Each post begins with the refrain “I remember” and briefly reminiscences about an event from the author’s past. As memories go, this blog runs the gamut of experiences and feelings one would expect from remembering the past. There are deeply personal as well as universal themes abound in these funny, intriguing, and heartfelt posts.

Welcome Andy.