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Centripetal Notion

Centripetal Notion. I am going to say this is the most unique site to enter the Network. What is it exactly? I’m not even going to try to explain it because Justin does it so well below, but I do find that the site has a strange ability to continue to draw me back. That’s what I like to see in sites.

Centripetal = center seeking; unifying; transmitting sensory impulses to the central nervous system. Centripetal Notion is a daily-ish node for the synaesthetic at heart, inasmuch as it being a fusion of art, design, music, science, and technology, in the interest of encouraging a unified appreciation of the aforementioned as an extension of nature. In other words — a collection of miscellaneous badassery — where form meets function, but decides they’re too much alike and breaks it off before things get boring. Special attention is given to ideas involving data visualization, new media, and interactivity. Regular video downloads and music reviews are offered regularly, alongside other interesting artifacts and curiosities.

Welcome Justin.