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Finance and accounting and all of that other money stuff doesn’t really interest me. Just as long as the money is in my bank that’s all that seems to matter, but after going through Beancounter Blog I definitely have a greater appreciation forthis topic. Jason Guthrie does a spectacular job of talking in layman’s terms and never gives off the impression that he is trying to sound better than you. This is just straight money talk and that’s the way it should be.

BeancounterBlog is dedicated to bringing the often confusing world of accounting, the economy, and personal finance to the “average Joe.” We’re dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest news and issues in the areas of taxes, real estate, accounting, the economy, and personal finance. We try and break harder topics down so that you can explain the theory behind foreign currency exchange rates to everyone – even your great Aunt Gertrude. We also strive to only present topics that are interesting, current, and relevant so that you can rely on our site for information on how to understand the financial world and use its resources to your
advantage – not to get rich quick – but simply to act wisely.

Welcome Jason.