b5media Merges With About Weblogs and What Could Have Been

Today b5media announced that they were going to merge About Weblogs under the b5 banner. Congratulations to Jeremy, Duncan, Darren and Shai for making the move which should make things a little bit more interesting in the blog network space. I guess I can now speak of what could have been between About Weblogs and 9rules.

In the early Summer we approached Shai with a proposition. We asked if she would be willing to place her network under our’s and all we asked for was 10% of the total revenue that her network generated and in return we would design new templates for her sites. So Shai and her writers received 90% of the revenue that their sites generated, access to the private forums, inclusion in the 9rules Network directory (and upcoming portal) and brand new design done by the Business Logs team. And since we are an independent network they would retain all of the content they produce. Seemed like a pretty good deal to us and I guess that’s why we made it.

Unfortunately, she turned us down because she felt the money situation would’ve been too complicated since her writers control the advertising on their sites. Wonder how it will work out now merging with another network that has a different revenue model and content ownership plan. Oh well, best of luck with the new venture Shai.