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9rules 2.0

If you visit 9rules enough you are probably aware that we pushed out a new design Tuesday. I shouldn’t just call it a design since the site itself adds a lot more functionality to hopefully provide readers with a better way to view 9rules’ content. Playing around with the site you can see the new features such as recent entries, random entries, favorite sites, a new tag directory and the ability to checkout 9rules Spanish.

There are still a lot of quirks that we are going to work out such as allowing you to keep track of more than 8 favorites at a time and view more than 10 sites in one tag. We decided that with the new tagging system and other features that we had, this version was already better than the previous so we thought it was best to launch it now. For languages and equality we are moving the English version of 9rules to shortly so that all languages are on equal footing. What will be done with the main page? That’s something we have to discuss, but we like the idea that there is a lot of potential for it.

As Mike wrote last week, we have been a bit quiet and it’s because we wanted to get this out for everyone and we didn’t see a need to talk about something that didn’t exist yet. No need to tease or hype you, just show you. Now it’s back to work on ultra-mega-super-secret projects #2-#5.

If you find any bugs or just want to talk about it feel free to do so. We might go take a nap though.