What’s Been Happening?

Being a gateway to all the blogs in the Network many times what is happening behind the scenes here at 9rules can quickly get lost so I thought it would be nice to write an entry updating everyone on what we are doing and what has been happening with our members.

  • Peter hired employee #1 for his company with the help of Lisa.
  • Sergio got a job working with Johnnie.
  • The Particle Tree crew are set to release their monthly Design PDF.
  • Joe and Darice recently redesigned and they did a great job.
  • Keith launched his new company.
  • girlspoke got a mention at Fleshbot.
  • Richard started his column over at ZDNet.

That’s just a couple of the cool things our members are doing. As for the 9rules Team we are busy working on everything. Everything? Yep, everything.

What about the Spanish sites? We have been silently adding them into the Network and will of course announce them once 9r 2.0 is released.