The Largest Blog Network Around

Well at least according to this comprehensive list put together by the fine folks over at Bloggers Blog. Of course this is ignoring the sites which are powered by MovableType, but we think this is kind of cool nonetheless.

What does this mean? Absolutely nothing. Quantity is an easy thing to achieve with regards to blogs since there are millions and millions out there, however if you can’t maintain the quality then your network serves no purpose. We like to think that we have continued to bring you the type of quality that will continuously entice you to come back for more. Please let us know otherwise.

Also interesting to note is that the Fine Fools Network is quickly moving up the charts with regards to blog network size. Is it possible to run two of the top five largest blog networks at once and still remain successful? Of course it is, otherwise we wouldn’t bother trying. However, we don’t want the two largest, we want the two best networks around. Gawker will never be the biggest, but it will more than likely always remain one of the best due to the quality they provide.