The 9rules Technorati Valuation

A website called Central Scrutinizer took the Technorati valuation numbers behind the Weblogs, Inc. deal (which are hilarious, but probably not a real way to value a website) and applied the math to the 9rules Network to see what 9rules would go for. Obviously it’s a bit different since we don’t own the sites in the Network, but hey, it’s just a fun exercise.

Basically, you take the total value of Weblogs, Inc., and figure out how many inbound Technorati links each WIN site has, then extrapolate a value-per-link of approximately $564.64. Central Scrutinizer worked from that number, and painstakingly went through most of the 9rules Network members (he neglected our Spanish friends though) and came up with a dollar value per weblog.

I did some quick math, and by his numbers, just our English-speaking members have a combined worth of around $10M, but we’ve got some of the world’s best Spanish weblogs in 9rules as well so who knows what the real “value” is 🙂