News v2.0 Coming Soon

If you’ve wondered what the 9rules crew has been up to the past few weeks, wonder no more. We’ve been hard at work on the second version of our website which will provide multilingual support, an updated user interface (I get sick of looking at my sites after, say, 3 months), and a whole lot more snazziness. Because it’s a pretty large step for us, we’ll be rolling it out in phases over the course of the next few weeks. Also, we’ll be finally getting to use our new dedicated servers our friends at (mt) Media Temple so graciously provided us.

We planned on unleashing v2.0 today, but our fearless CEO Paul Scrivens is currently without power in Tampa, FL due to Wilma’s lashing winds and rain, so we’re going to wait a few days until things clear up and all is back to normal. I talked to Paul yesterday, and he assured me that his generator has been working overtime to power Xbox LIVE so thank goodness his essentials are taken care of.