That Club Atmopshere of 9rules

Ken at Technosight posted a great entry today about the new network on the block (did I really just use that euphemism?) b5 is using a business model somewhat akin to Weblogs, Inc., however our friends over there plan on having a better relationship with their writers and forming some niche communities as well. Best of luck to them, I’m sure they’re going to do great things.

In the entry, Ken alluded to 9rules as being a type of “club atmosphere” and I have to agree wholeheartedly. Like Paul mentioned in a previous post, 9rules is about creating connections between the best minds in the web industry, creating opportunities for new products and partnerships to form, and also to give readers the chance to read some of the best thinkers in the weblog world all in one place. We’re a small team filled with young, passionate people, and 9rules is our dream. Building 9rules the best way we know how and helping our members is our very top priority, and if 9rules is thought of as more of a “club atmosphere” than a large weblog business, then we think that aligns with what we’re doing pretty well.

When I see members talking about the Network I find that many times the largest positive benefit for them isn’t some increase in traffic or feeding off the 9r Google juice. It’s the community that they are now part of and this community is a wonderful thing — so I’d like to shed some light on what makes the 9rules community a great place for people.

We have forums that all the members are a part of and nearly everyone contributes in some form or another. Much of the support comes from people looking for help. Other times someone will have an idea for a project and is looking for others to join them. In fact, we have a group now that is working on a 9rules-branded project so to speak and they only met because of 9rules and our forums.

Our dream is to get the very best innovators and thinkers in the web world to come together and then have them start a conversation. Psychology, sports, business, design, technology, and life are all some topics we’ve discussed in the forums, and that’s just in the past week or two.

We partially base our 9rules philosophy on one of my favorite quotes:

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

Our goal is to bring innovative, thoughtful people together and then see what happens. I think our 9rules members fit that bill perfectly, and am excited to roll out what we have planned in the very near future. Thanks for joining in that excitement, for it is our members, readers, supporters, and critics who make this a worthwhile venture.