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I’m kind of a science writing junkie, I’ll admit. I engulfed Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe” in just a day or two, and am really a geek at heart when it comes to this stuff.

Awhile ago Jason Kottke linked to Cognitive Daily and from then on I was hooked. In my opinion it’s the very best science weblog on the net, for the fact that it takes the ordinary and makes it sound extraordinary by using reasoning, science, facts, and analysis. Both writers are respected members of the scientific community, and happen to be married as well. What a winning combination.

Cognitive Daily Screenshot, our newest 9rules member

Dave and Greta tackle all sorts of real-life scientific topics, check out some of my favorite posts: Critiquing the video game violence studies, Do babies known if hidden objects are still there?, and my all-time favorite: Can our understanding of “normal” and “beautiful” be distorted?. They usually include great diagrams and graphs in their posts, so just in case you’re not up on the latest visuospatial search statistics, they make it easy to understand regardless.

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