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Chekhov’s Mistress

When I was younger my mom would bring home the New York Times every Sunday. I only read one section of that paper and that was the Book Reviews section. It wasn’t that I had a fascination with the books they reviewed (this was mostly during my Fantasy genre phase), but the writing of the reviews made me feel as though I was sitting in a room of intellects. I get that same feeling when I read Bud Parr’s Chekhov’s Mistress.

Chekhov’s Mistress is a literary blog that goes into fascinating details with its entries and reviews. Bud is a very intelligent individual and not a single entry on the site will make you doubt otherwise. When we talk about adding the best sites in every genre this is what we are talking about. Now if only Winter would hurry up so I can start the fire and sit back with the laptop to read the site in tranquil bliss.

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