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I think I’m a bit late to this party since has been a member of 9rules since Day One, but I just realized it was never announced!

Business Logs is the consulting firm run by Paul, Matthew, Colin, and I, and is our homepage and company weblog. We normally talk about reputation management, weblog-based technology, user experience, and some other fun stuff, so feel free to check it out and subscribe to our RSS feed.


I redesigned (most) of the site over the summer and fully planned on coming back and fixing some pages that don’t have the new look, but I got so bogged down with 9rules and client work that I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Old look = sidebar on the right. New look = sidebar on the left, plus a big footer which we implemented before big footers were cool.

So what exactly is Business Logs anyway? Well, we mostly do client work that involves weblogs in some way — either an internal collaboration weblog, or external customer-facing ones, or wikis, etc. Business Logs lets us do work to pay the bills while we bootstrap 9rules into what we know it can become. Without Business Logs there would have been no 9rules, so hopefully those clients keep on-a-comin’!