Blogebrity Revisited

If you are a blogger and you like to read about other bloggers making fun of other bloggers (did that make sense?) then I suggest you checkout Blogebrity. I don’t suggest you stay for long periods of time though because the color scheme will burn a hole through your retina, but their perspective on the blogosphere is humourous and in a round about way insightful.

Here is their latest take on the 9rules Network:

We’ll see how well this “make pretty blogs with no visible revenue source” business plan holds up.

Heh, we wonder the same thing ourselves Nick. If you ever need to keep your blog ego in check, just have Nick write about you. Seems to work for us.

You may or may not recall I wrote about Blogebrity a couple of months ago and showed which members were on their ABC list. Only three of us made it. Let’s see who is in now.


  • No one, we must be failures.



So we went from 3 to 8 and the significance of this is…nothing. I think the Network has increased in quality dramatically since my first mention of Blogebrity and that’s with only adding 5 more members on the list. I think this somehow relates to the Long Tail, but I’m not sure if I am just saying that so I could actually say Long Tail and pretend we are part of it.