9rules Partners With Media Temple

9rules, Inc. has partnered with (mt) Media Temple, Inc. for them to become our exclusive web hosting and network provider for the Network. We had many discussions with the great folks at (mt), and afterwards, we realized that the passionate people who work there are very similar to us in the sense that they share our same ideals, and think that fiber optic cable is sexy.

Along with running on Media Temple’s world-class infrastructure, this partnership also lets all current and future 9rules Network members have amazing discounts on (mt) hosting for their own websites. This was a critical factor in our partnership, and one that we’re especially excited about because it removes a headache that many publishers have to worry about: quality hosting. There are some other goodies that we dare not speak of yet, but we think that this is a really, really huge step in the right direction for 9rules, Inc., and having such a well-respected company like (mt) along for the ride is icing on the cake.

We are just now beginning to move stuff over to their servers so any slowdowns that you have experienced in the past or currently are from our current server and have nothing to do with (mt).