Weblogs, Inc. Contract Made Public…Might As Well Make the 9rules One Public As Well

Something like this (Blogebrity opinion and Metafilter opinion) was bound to happen sooner or later and I can only suspect all the blog network’s contracts will be online shortly. This one seems to be getting people up in a tizzy due to the “low” pay per post. I am not aware of how much authors make for articles in trade magazines and publications so I won’t offer my thoughts on all of this as they would be worthless.

What I can do however is post the new Member’s Agreement right now. All current members will receive this Monday while the newly appointed members have already received this. It’s a crazy contract that I figured would best be served using human readable language and keeping the lawyer away from it. This is the 9rules Network:


9rules Network Member’s Agreement

The undersigned (“Member”), by accepting this Agreement to 9rules, Inc., a Florida corporation (“9rules”), acknowledges that they wish to become a Member and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Member understands that 9rules has sole discretion over whether to accept or reject Member’s acceptance into the network, and that this agreement will not be binding unless Member has been notified of such acceptance.


1. Our Promise

We promise to provide you with the help to make your site successful and to make it easier to accomplish the goals you have set forth for both you and your site. We also promise that your site will be given equal weight on our homepage regardless of traffic or design.

2. Your Promise

You promise to maintain the standards you have set for your site and will strive to continuously improve the quality of the content to allow for a better experience for you, your audience and the network. You also promise to display the 9rules button on the pages of your site to effectively show your support for the network you are a part of.

If you wish to leave the network, you promise to provide us with 30 days notice via mail or e-mail.

3. Voiding Agreement

If either of the parties fails to meet the promises set above, they have the right to void this agreement effective immediately.


And the new Spanish Network will have the same agreement (in Spanish obviously). We have developed such a strong community and trust amongst our members that really this is the only type of agreement that we feel is needed. If a company wishes to sponsor a member site and they agree to have that company sponsor their site, then another agreement will be put into place for that site. But this is the main agreement for all members.

With all of that out of the way do you think Accidental Hedonist would make a good addition to the network? I think so.