9rules Network Spanish and New Member’s Agreement

I am happy to announce that we are opening our doors to Spanish content sites. Starting September 2 at 12am EST we will be doing a 24 hour submission round for all Spanish language content sites. So now not only will we be bringing you best content from the English speaking world, but also from the Spanish speaking world as well!

Next Friday we will reveal the location of the Spanish submission page and from there you have 24 hours to get your site in for review. We look forward to expanding the 9rules Network to our many Spanish language readers.

Why do this? It’s simple really, we are all about great content and understand that great content is not restricted to English sites. Since we do not own the sites in our network (besides our own personal ones) it only makes sense to broaden our reach and truly distinguish ourselves from other content networks.

New Member’s Agreement

We are also happy to announce that we have a new member’s agreement in which the major change is that all members get to keep 100% of their Adsense revenues (or any other revenues they generate on their own)! Along with the great members forum and the crazy stuff going on inside there is no reason that you shouldn’t want to add your site to the Network.

I think maybe our drive for quality content has led us over the edge of sanity. Oh well.