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Words For My Enjoyment

A couple of weeks ago Erik Sagen sent us an email containing the url of one of his friends who he thought would be a great choice for the network. So we headed over to Paul Davidson’s site and read what he had to say. Living in Los Angeles can give you an interesting perspective on life and that is exactly what Paul offers his audience.

Davidson’s site follows along the same witty path as Sergio’s. Humor is good. Pulling off humor in your writing is awesome.

I have no problem whatsoever with you looking in the mirror and combing your hair or wiping your face or cleaning your forehead or making that sucking sound at your teeth in an attempt to remove an errant piece of black food that resembles no type of food you even ate on the day in question.

So we welcome the man from LA to the network and are looking forward to reading him daily. Paul’s RSS feed.