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There are some design sites outside of the standards community that I respect highly. Sites like k10k have communities that I was hoping to create when I started the CSS Vault (disclosure: I no longer own it). Well now we have such a site in the network, BD4D.

BD4D, or “By Designers for Designers”, was formed in 2001 by me (Ryan Carson) and Ryan Shelton to inspire, encourage and unite the creative community through free live events.

Since our first event in London, BD4D has expanded and held more than 40 events in 19 cities, in 7 different countries – giving both industry leaders and up-and-coming talent the same platform to showcase and express their ideas. We aim for attendees to leave our events feeling inspired. Because of this, numerous collaborations between designers and coders have been ignited through BD4D, leading to boundaries being stretched and creativity being expanded.

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