The Network

Back in action

As some of the early birds pointed out, the submission form was not working on Windows.

This had to do with a slight oversight on my part, which I apologize for, and also a problem with Open Rico and .htaccess (If you do not know what these two things are, that means you have more of a life than I do). To make an incredibly geeky and boring story short and sweet, I made a mistake and I ask that you not flog me too hard about it. I did my very best to resolve the issue quickly, even after downing 2 Jack and Cokes just prior to midnight.

For those that submitted

I beg for your forgiveness, and ask that you resubmit your site. I firmly believe that we did successfully record all site submissions, but since there is no real way for me to tell – a double submission is the safe bet. I do not want 1 person to miss out on this opportunity due to my negligence and a few key strokes.

Please accept the extra 2 hours we are going to leave submissions open for as a token of our appreciation for putting up with me. Hey, I’d give you a new car – but I ain’t Bob Barker.