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Peter Flaschner Says the B Word

If you ever wondered why well designed products are so good, perhaps it is because the companies that made them understood that design with purpose must be infused in every stage from idea generation to the moment it land in your hands.

Peter Flaschner delves into one aspect of the interaction we all have in our daily lives: brand. From the perspective of a designer, understanding the mental model of your target audience is mandatory (or it should be). From the perspective of a consumer, knowing just how brand is used to influence you can help you make better choices.

My A Ha! moment came when I realized that a brand is a memory model for a thing. A brand then, is an internal construct. It exists in my head. It is subject to all the wet messy non rational goop that makes me, well, me.

Even though Peter’s head is filled with wet, messy, non-rational goop, his article on Brand as well as the articles he links to, will make for good reading. Take some time out of your busy iPod-buying schedule and wonder a little… How does Brand impact our decisions? Do we ever have a choice? Just what the hell is it anyway? These questions and more are answered after the jump.