9rules Submissions Round 2

Many people have been wondering when the next round of submissions would be taking place for entry into the 9rules Network and I am happy to announce that we will open them up this Friday starting at 12:00 AM Eastern time. Once again we will only have the window for submissions open for 24 hours so if you are interested in joining make sure to get your entry in between 12:00AM and 11:59PM on July 1st.

We are looking for all types of content-based websites and if your site is different from what we currently offer our readers then even better.

There have been a couple of great discussions concerning the 9rules Network, but the best one to date was started by Matthew Pennell. The entry and the comments go into great detail as to what the network is about and how everyone is starting to view it. If you would like an inside perspective on how things are going for members then you might be interested in Darice’s perspective.

Unforuntately, after the last round was over I missed emailing some of the people who submitted their sites to explain why their site was not accepted into the Network. If you are one of those people do not hesitate to email me at scrivs{AT} to let me know of my oversight. I have no excuses for this happening and would like to correct it as soon as possible.