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The Return of Design

When I started Whitespace in September of 2003 I had envisioned of simply writing articles on design. Over time Whitespace expanded, but the focus remained the same, focus on design. A couple of months ago I wanted to make some changes to Whitespace because there were a lot of design issues that I wanted to mention, but didn’t feel deserved full-blown entries and I couldn’t justify making siginificant changes to the format of the site.

My ideal site is exactly what The Return of Design has become.

The site offers both great links to design articles along with focused entries on design written by James Archer. However, my favorite feature is the web color scheme section which looks at different sources and offers you their color schemes. Very handy for any designer.

Entries of note to check out:

We welcome another quality site by James Archer. Come back tomorrow to see more new launches from the 9rules Network.